Remembering the future, the path I should have taken. but time is so fleeting, its escaped breath from asphyxiation, panicked thrashing is the initiation. left alone to contemplate my own way with no guidance just silence. trifling an existence, subsistent, subsist just be all you can be. but what they don’t tell you is it’s a struggle to succeed, the odds are stacked against you, luck is not on your side. you have to do things that you’re not proud of, things that may frighten you, things that take time to sink in. quick sand, is hardly the place to meet in, when your life goes off the deep end. paranoia begins to creep in, your mind goes off on its own accord, present is its own reward. lost on your own, devoid of conscience, of emotion, of control. that is how when where who why what you are doesn’t matter, intangible, true darkness precedes you and succeeds you. evil empire, evil emperor the new Nero comes to send for you. a new path, a new way but this tempting offer doesn’t come with out dismay. but one things certain your here to stay.

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