I hear the forever whispers of a better time. my mind so clouded by hate I forget to see the pain, I forget to see my sadness. sometimes I wake to see the stars bleeding, the moon weeping ,and the darkness growing. is it time for the past to go and the future to take hold. holding on but losing ground, cracking, plumes of ash rising, time is unwinding, the clock strikes midnight. the world unending ceases, we all try to pick up the pieces, to no avail, it is we left shattered upon our legacy. legacy of pain, I’m just standing in the rain, hidden tears, I taste you, hidden fear, I face you, but what now. a golden age is passing, nothing here but empty pages, separation of all the races, if I were a god, id be passed patient. worried about things that are ancient, the past doesn’t hold you down, you turn around to hate it. corrupting memories that faded, miss remembering a false reality, truth turned to lies, anesthesia of the eyes, singular focus. ashes to ashes and dust to dust, we flow in the breeze just waiting to land somewhere better than we are now. waiting to live, waiting to be, see we suffer for our own misdeeds, never trying to succeed, floating, just another phantom in the breeze.

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