Fatalist Vampire

I quench my thirst at the bosom of the world, throats withholding, failing to speak, screaming silent breaths. looking at your own tombstone, no inscription, no “you’ll be missed or go in peace”, just an empty line, foreboding, it’s so asinine. did you exist, don’t you have too, before you can disappear, fade away, feelings of requited love, I hate you and yet need you. scared to move beyond this pit of despair, accustom to the nothingness, devil touched the both of us. sitting in the dark, ghostwriter, cryptic meanings, haunting, each step farther passed the point of no return. the way back, covered in darkness, common theme, we are all in pitch black, until our minds create reality. what do I choose to see, colorless view, unwinding my perception, floodgate on overflow, left to your interpretation, home of the silent invasion. escaping humanity, running from a shadow, black holes where my eyes go, staring through the window, pain, digging up my own grave. living my life away, in the midst of decay, undertake err-regardless, of unwaning death, the truth is, I must find a way. to someday escape this state of decay….

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