Falling Ungracefully

before the world ends I will see my place fulfilled. the fall of a man is the descent into the pit of blood and bone he has left rotting, the pit exhumed by those who have triumphed and home to those laid wasted by the progress of man.
before his time is done, untold horrors will come to pass, he will not suffer indignation lightly. the personification of carnage, the pound of flesh will be paid.
if his destruction is what you desire, the only question you must ask yourself is. are you prepared to wade through the torrents of blood to be wrought by this challenge of power?.
for you challenge the very creatures that invented the wheels of annihilation, that set ablaze the very flames of hell with the dead of war. the malice and aggression made in god’s image. the seven deadly sins are but the beginning and our end is but total and unequivocal Armageddon before our last breaths.
for we have one thing you do not….
the ability to be only that, which will bring the greatest destruction regardless of cost in humanity….
the ability to blow black smoke from our lungs as we lose all humanity and become the demons lurking underneath….

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