what is life with out death, what is pleasure without pain, these thing we contemplate, but only in the rain, it rains inside often, it’s so stuffy in my coffin, sometimes I hear voices, so unassuming like the pitter patter of the rain drops, they to roll away so meaningless, i sit in a room with no windows or doors, but how then do i know i sit in a room???. this is the universe, the true darkroom, where all life developed, and will inevitably…die. we are less than 1% of the universe and yet we think our existence is everything, its raining now, i feel it on my cheek, it tastes bitter, or maybe that’s just the world. i feel so empty in the rain, like im spilling out, sometimes my heart stutters, i guess my hearts just not that into it anymore, theirs only one chance for redemption, i just can’t figure out what I’ve done. hate yourself cause others hate you, but that just isn’t the case, biting down metallic, poisoning the panic, trying to find my way to the surface once again. HELP ME HELP ME, im so used to shouting, deafening my ears ring, time to meet the offspring, still sitting here… listening………..

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