The world is a lie…

It has no purpose, no direction, all the core beliefs and values that built such a lineage of honour and dignity have vanished with the rain of mediocrity. Their is no greater pain then seeing ones life be wasted, and yet trapped with no escape. Am I living in an asylum, the minds that flourish here take conspicuous care to feed their madness. To multiply the normalization of misery. They’ve backed me into a corner and I can feel the walls folding in. This pressure of expectations, I just want it to stop. Where is the greater good, when do the lessons begin, why too does the paradigm shift. Is this feeling, the creativity being bleed from my very essence. Will I linger here and forget to imagine, how long before my passions run dry and my soul becomes darkened. Snuffed out like so may others that have come before me. In the end am I destined to just fade away.

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