Fleeting Moments

It’s amazing…..
How only a few fleeting moments….
Can steal a lifetime…

Is it only the sad that weep, or the hurt that writhe in agony.

When did I learn to feel empty, or did I just simple decide to stop yerning as a happenstance.

Take me further this mind of yor, leave me whispered, faded, yet pure.

My screams so loud they go beyond the register, only vibrations and disturbed breath remain as proof of my lamentation.

Alone I awaken, upon my face I see the time I have not taken, a duplicitous impersonation.

in these eyes I see beneath, to the truth of why my heart can’t stop breaking.

Who am I seems so antiquated, fear me not feels so out dated.

Seething hatred so cold to the touch, a calming balance found only in an ouroboros.

Peace at last in the fires of wrath, not all consuming as they’d have you believe.

an infinite means of intrinsic memory only known to gluttony.

In these moments of self discovery, Feeling the ebb and flow of reality.

I feel more me than thee…

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