Grey Gardens

Grey gardens of a gated house, only known death a foot the quartered passing. Guthery an ode to thee blessers chilling kiss. What is it you want just say it plainly. Out but not in, still but so that it be intolerable, louder then the crushing silence of self loathing. A wanting man, who needs nothing, to plagiarize a proper meaning to act a rightness of feeling. To smile in that frightful way, as the beast slowly licked the tender skin of its prey, so to do I smell and touch, taste and savor. Become what you became, that night alone in pain. Feel that madness ride up, an unbridled wave of sick and sunder. Spoils but pampered flesh, can you hear it, the chewing, the crunching, swallow your pride, eat your gluttony, live your wrath. Envy the jealous souls infinite lust and greed. Awaken to the sloth at the end of all invention. Bask in the splendor at the precipice of the world..

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