canst you e’er stop…

thy doth not wish to unburden thine mind of availing turmoil, thoust revels in the overture of unbridiled fear and madness.

i spake of a time from whence time was pure, for’est thou doth thinkst time is but phalisy of late, so to doth thou stop feeling pure of heart as consequence?.

is thy nature to falsely interperate reality, doth my perseption faulter o’er is a truth not be thine environment inhence be illusory.

i off’t thinkst a prediliction t’ward predation is’t mire affliction el’st hind nature rend implication on a wiser tounge.

selfly aware is’t my lamentation, such dolorous a personia doth mine own intrigue make of thee, must thou alway live’th in such squandry and befuddelment, shreks of hidden pain languish with in a place i cannot bear to inspect, dark thine mists of torment shall remain, if havent i this wills emboldenment to pursue.

loost thine pillars of dispare, miseries entangled daughter plagues the air i breathe, tis sorrowful a keen vision fells to inferior whispers, with right feeling in thine hearts desire thither a proclimation of peace, doth thou feed the mouth of discontented dreams, force so sweet is burden not she makes.

tis beautiful a nightmare brings thee, fearest truth of blacken nights bane, the dragons toungue begiles thee, thou to taketh my souls fire, exhausted to the point of ashen grave, thine lingering heart yerns for release, yet ye so blind deaf and dumb shall remain, fore’er a prisoner of his own boilga.

there needith be a tenth circle, for all unique transsgressions i alone wiltst commit, unto a new deeper crag, surpassing betrayals vicious snare, a place wholly abaddon hither to the breast of the worlds singular axis, passed the upsidedown spaces inverted justice.

a place only reached by thine outstreched arms, solitary in sanguine foundation, a silence of hissing as the serpent writhing in agony, thist maketh known to occupy for eternal an instance, noteth no greater punishment than thou hast the world in total ignorance of thee, and so to ist ye remain abreast of the world.

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