How come no one seeks a needing like I do. They yet foster no pain as i do, harbor of the fiercest sort. I seek an entry to your heart, to creep the edges of a peaceful place. Pretending to be an outsider so I feel apart, individual, independent of this conformity. To live so completely, to have everything decided, to be definite. An aged tale, tried and true doesnt work for me anymore. A difference is needed that I yern for, a wanting so vast a chasm of the cracked earth has too no deeper wounds as the undying wish to be wholly my own man. Some semblance of separation so striking a thought, steering me closer to some self realization. To be pulled so, to feel such pressure as this to deflect from the common path. But the fear—– the fear to leave a beautifully defined path, an unfalterable condition, but how one can breathe the constant reflection of the old worlds imagined glory still sets me in awe and bewilderment. For is it not the fataliest sign of the anthropocene.

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