True Freedom

the freedom of the moment before death is the reason for war, and the reason why humans chase self
destruction and anguish, and when a man tastes the all quenching nurishment of true freedom, he then
understands that in death the truth will be revealed to him, and with such an impossible goal how can a
mans life have meaning, if only to suffer for what one can not achieve. is this me, am i this man, do i
play harsh melodies to keep death near, or did i feel something that wasn’t there. when a man holds his
life in his hands, and really takes a look at what he’s accomplished, what can he say for himself that is
not expressed in his actions, not a tear left for the fallen, not a word spoken out of turn, and no warmth
against his lips. why does one need to be so close to the end, so far along a lonesome road to realize
what really matters, i dont know yet, but i imagine in that moment between life and death, the notion of
you against the world, does seem so daunting anymore, because in that moment it truly is just you and
the world, nothing to decide, nothing to know, nothing more to lose, and no regrets, not anymore. and in
that final moment, as you breathe that fatal breath, theirs no pain, no fear, no heart ache, but truth and
with that a promise…..peace…

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