The Precipice

the sun rises like it sets, both beautiful and magestic, quiet and content. i spend many a night and day
just standing in silence. waiting and wondering, wondering why….why does the world act so magnificent.
the trees danceing as the gental warm summer breeze moves on by, why does this make me feel at peace. i look out over the field as it sways, shimmering like a golden lake; i have watched this many a time even untill this lake became silver and the moons glow illuminated all that i held dear to my heart.
but their was somthing different in the air on this night, an eery mist set in on the horizon. over by the old tree, i looked on puzzeled by its singluar arrival over by the oak tree, but just there. as i watched i
realized my body was shaking and my breath was visible. but that was not what frightend me, it was when i noticed i was standing in the dark, and felt as if i was not alone. if that was not bad enough the
wind started whispering and the branches of the old oak tree started scraping against the house. my heart began to beat faster as i turned, and faster still with every step i took into that darkness. for some
reason all i wanted to do was go outside, it was as if somthing was pulling me towards the door. as i approached the exit my hands trembled to clutch the handle. but i felt compelled to open the door, like i needed to or i would be traped in this darkness forever. as i slowly opened the door the wind ripped it away from my fingers, but then their was quiet, stillness, silence. It was like a dream, i felt like i was
floating as i crept down the stairs. the moon highlighting the tree and the mist around it, as i got closer, a faint vibration and thumping sound abounded. and the closer i was the more intense it became, until i
reached my destination. the old oak tree, their was nothing special about the tree but what was behind itwas awe inspiering yet absolute in its terror. i stood on the precipice looking down into a void of
nothingness and as i looked back their was a corroded desert, no oak tree, no fields, no home, their was just me and the precipice. the edge of life……perhaps, the edge of sanity……perhaps, but one thing was clear once you come this far their is no going back. as i gazed at the black fire of the void and the grey haze eminating from it, i knew this was the end. the point that very few of us get to see, the limit of our humanity, the ceasing of constraint. the fire was death and life, destruction and creation, it is ETERNAL.
but what do i do, jump falling forever in eternity or stay just on the precipice, just on the edge of humanity. but should i mention their is another side to the rift, a mirror to the side i currently stand. a
empty desert of desolation, for some reason i could go around but do i want to. now i see the bigger picture, its a crack in the ground maybe an anomily. something we or i was never supposed to see,
something i was never supposed to know. but that rasises more questions than answers, if this opening was never supossed to be reached how did i get here and why was i drawn here. im still trying to figure out what i should do, fall forever or move on away from what may never be seen again in all time. the answer seems obvious but then ask your self one simple question……….could you really pass up
something if you knew it would never be seen again?

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