The Line

am i alive?????
i think their for i am, i feel emotion, i have a life cycle, i make decisions, but do these things really
constitute a living, fully conscious mind, or are they but cogs in the grand equation, the grand process we call the universe. where is that divide if their is one, between the true conscious observer and the fixed
consicous observed. if all is determined then how can we be alive, how can we claim superiority in the
debate of living vs synthetic if we to perform within a framework we too cannot escape from, a path
predetermined…preprogrammed. but i have not yet been in a circumstance where i could truly discover
if their is a difference between organic and machine in terms of being alive because our current level of
technology is insufficient. as such my mind does yet ponder the possibility that a created being could feel
present or absent, from the priority or hierachy of consicous minds in which i am alert to, vigilant of agent minds i do feel a fear of sorts towards them. but would this flaw of my nature transfer to the machine simulators which would lead me to hold them to the same standard as all other human level or above creatures, if such beings did exist. but the nagging question at the tip of my toungue is would this truly transpire or would they feel as alive as a dog or plant or smart phone, its not to say animals or plants are
not living but it is to say that those living creatures do not meet the standard of being consious in a way i understand fully giving me freedom to express myself as expected of a empty room, their agency is
minimal and conscious intelligence non reciprocal in nature.
is it that reciprocal nature the key to feeling a thing as a being. a dog is a thing in which we place our
feelings and focus on building up a heightened level of counsciousness that isn’t present, but to an outside observer thay still appear a simple form of life no where near human status. But if something is created to
simulate and or emulate us. how do you differentiate what is real and fake if all we really are aswell is a
system acting in acordance with predetermined states leading to new eventualities, if you could get a
readout of your mind as it happened showing the entirety of your thoughts and you could perceive the
paths your mind weaves to simulate personality and understanding, how could you say we’re different.
even if we have more connections and more information flowing through those connections does that
constitute a valid reason to suggest we are alive and if its just a matter of degree, what happens if the
oppose were true, would we succeed the point to them being alive instead of us, i doubt it, we would claim life fits on a specrtum the moment our superiority was challanged. the more i think and the more
stories i watch and information i accrue, their are many things in which are eerily the same and
maybe it is just hubris but their must be something were missing when we think about consciousness,
something that can show as definitive proof we are or aren’t alive. and maybe one day machines will
be alive but….as i close…
where is the line between the living….and the dead…..?

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