What kind of man am I?….what kind of fiend?. Locked into a darkened mind by a tidal wave of horrors. Each thought a dripping testament to the sickened thirsts of man.
How far can a personality yet stretch before a snapping back or severing occurs. Does one become lost if the strain is to much to bare.
Have I bloodied my soul, taking mortal coil passed unraveling, to rip its seams so finely, a secret of the blinding. I crept through the ending, as my form took on a brittle state, I found the breakpoint I’d been searching for.
A new precedent was borne, the heart tells tales of growth on a divergent path. A new knowing of who I am, to venture forth into this world with greater magnitude. Yet still the darkness suits me, a calming affect to all those who seek all the things of worth and meaning measured by existence. For in that pitch black vision, the gluttonous intentions sit dormant, waiting for a light to illuminate the world I am destined to devour…..

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