The Forgotten People

as i read the past, i realize who i was before is gone, the voice, the words, the state of mind, all gone.
its like i was someone else entirely, or am now. most interesting of all i see how much i forgot, and
how much i didn’t mention. is that me, is that my voice saying these thing inside my head, the funny thing is this happens to us all, with every passing day, we now, are replaced, or erased, every night is our end. the death of who you are for who you will become. each man will know a thousands deaths before the real end. but it doesn’t feel like death, why?. why don’t i seem to care, you would think we should be afraid, what if……one time you weren’t the copy and you were the spectre?. could you cry out?, or would you just fade away, sinking further and further down, untill you see no light, no escape. has a previous me suffered this nightmare?, am i next?. a thought just occuered to me , we should all keep a journal, and keep it current. if this is all i write on this day then these are my last words. if i have loved ones…..l love you, bon voyage, its seem so stark a reality such as this one, but becasue the transition is forgotten each night we live blind to our real fate. we are less than 1% of the universe, then maybe we, inside our own thoughts are just as insignificent. easily copied, easily forged……easily forgotten. but i still feel here. Though how would i know if im just a copy, or an original constancy. small things may change if we cared to notice, but if the main archetypes remain, we may be easily fooled. think of a time you had something on your mind only to have it the next day be set at ease or some other emotional state replace a nervous angst. memory may be a lie…..a lie so deceptive it allows you to recify all notions you are not who you were. your brain sleeps to get rid of toxins and make corrections, what if this correction is you?. the core is copied, the key elements are transcribed, and significant quirks and behaviors remain. the rest is flushed out like a toxic bile. but why copy, why not just keep and erase the non essential. The reason is evolution, neural evolution. what is the non
essential, each day brings new challenges, how can you erase to become better, memory of the past
isn’t you, your personality, your face is erased, to better mirror your brains upgraded picture of the world. so assuming all this is true, what happens if you do not go swiftly into the night, what happens when the slate is not clean every new day. is that what im experiencing, a push back. my shattered mind growing within; alter egos spawning, left and right, my crowded mind bursting. not with multiple personalities but somting else,
an overlap, the dovetailing of selves. but each growing, changing even passed their failed demise. The how, and why still allude me. i think not all are saved from this unburdening, only some. does trama have something to do with their or my
survival. like the trinity i exist, all but not one, jesus expelled the demons called legion, or did he erase
the many reminance of a man trying to hold on and live. So to is god the trinity, was he trying to stop a
man from becoming ……..a god?. or does this story represent the corrution of incomplete renewal. what is the truth, do we erase the self we are today, for the self we will become…..WHO AM I???………………………………….i cannot say if I believe this to be real of fiction but it is still a possibility, memory is a LIE!!!.

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  1. I like your analogy of erasing the before self when you sleep or die and are renewed tomorrow; being the new, yet better version. We are bigger, stronger, not necessarily faster, but perhaps smarter.

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