The iridescent fixtures of a wondering mind, stand effervescent against a dreary and foreboding sky. Due in times eye a gleaming ray shone through such beleaguered circumstance. Piercing hearts do realize, these tainted tidings fall short their intended purpose. A predator lingers transfixed by the wet laceration of bone and blood. Bare thine hubris, aloud I speak it plainly for all to see, me. Fear not that I am waiting, breathe me my last breath, steal me my last gaze, fealty to the enlivened concourse of an amalgamated nexus lays but fine direction to a nowhere now here. A transcription of a plagiarize soul, leaves a pale reflection on the slivered glass. Scraping scraps of solitary sentiment only to scream so silently, these sickening sounds surround a starved sense of sanctuary. I feel so small amongst the giants of malcontent, for I fail to walk one step unaided. following in the footsteps of antiquation. Lead me not to contemplation, it hurts to think of life’s great deviation. Though my curse is sight beyond sight, even if thy eyes bleed to blindness, I cannot look away, almost as if I’m destined for dismay.

3 thoughts on “Dismay

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  1. Rays of sunshine or cool breeze of 🌕 night can polish my standstill body to wander in the endless sky making the defective mind flying towards treasure of Liveliness!
    I must be moving with all the other friends of Earth and serve all the creation of Destiny!

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