Behind these eyes

Theres something crawling underneath, separating my skin from bone. I spake in deafened tones, a sea of enkindled filaments, the floating ghosts of the world aquarium. The beauty of the pain, the licking of the blood, slipping of the flesh. Bind me heaven and earth, eat me slowly, I ask whispered, the serpents gaze pulling. I feel the teeth burrowing in through my chest, my thinly veiled corpse but slender doorway and barrier to the maws great void. It reaches deeply, sitting now behind these eyes, peering out. A sharpened mood brings upon me, these darkly sweetened dreams of agony, a fantasy of a corrupted leviathan. I hear the hissing, the kind known only to silence, as it hides in all the empty spaces. As it devours, my eyes become shallow, taking on a peculiar shine. Do I dare ask when my final day will come to pass, or am I yet a haunted thought of a lion amongst the lambs.

2 thoughts on “Behind these eyes

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  1. The imagery of pain and the ravages of the body send shivers through me. The vileness of having something crawl under the skin is supreme torture. I would imagine death would be pure relief and bliss.

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    1. Theirs no pain in behind these eyes. But all can see whatever they feel, that’s how I write. With plurality of mean only one being the true intentional meaning. A personal version only I alone understand.


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