Ghost in the shell

smiling through my teeth again. Tears run down my face I know not from whence they came. I see the dagger buried deep inside my heart, and yet I feel but a hollow touch. I must have died and gone away, just a shell that yet remains, another faded mask, a spectres worn misery. It lingers late the hour of twilight, bringing but a frightful song. Lulling me back to sleep in a life scarcely living.

2 thoughts on “Ghost in the shell

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  1. I get in the eyes the shades of light rays signaling appearance of superpower of universe! A fresh and delightful beginning of a new day 🌞! My vitals get stimulus of hunger and thirst! I must move to essentials for next activity of my choice! I get prepared and start walking to the evergreen Nature-My soul mate! I am eager to get engulfed by the unknown Tranquility!

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