Quantum Dream

Am i awake…..
do i see the truth, is this really…..real.
who am i, this question keeps speaking, tauntingly testing true transgressions, these treasonous trifles,
trials and tribulations……
where can a man find solid ground in a world full of quick sand. since sense seems so subsequential,
sacrifycing sanctity, severing simple serenity. seath oh seath, yern oh yern, yet stilled and distilled into
something nearer and nearer to a fractured core. A twisted amalgamation or disturbed breadth, mind my manipulation, passed lives capitulation.
i seek a singluar division, a positive revision, a real addition not a superstition. this holographic projection conflagrates personage, believing principally purposeful incarnations of which conscience and consciousness coalesce, culminating capriciously into something we scarcely understand and eagerly underestimate.
everything seems so surreal, like im missing some key factor, some key reason. many of the features of
this human experience elude me, and yet i persist, going along with this….insanity. who are you???
what do i pretend to be today, what is it i should say, is it me or is it they who are unwelcomed. we broke
the seventh seal before we knew what life really meant to us, we climbed to heights we couldn’t imagine, and now were left with a cyclical time centric universal understanding so flawed and increasingly decaying as perception moves along.
is it we who control the course of civilization or does the collective control our curious interpretations beholden to our limited view of the eternal persistent collaborative quantum dream we call earth….
i dont accept it anymore……
so then how do i wake up???……………………………..

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