The Forest Lies Beyond

Its caustic eyes devour the light. The sparks of inspiration bloom in the stark blackness a universe long. They filter the world unable to stand even looking at themselves now. each new trial of pain allowing for admittance to a new depth of agony. I venture further still entrenched in a belief to malinger my way through this forests estranged path. The fog a vanishing point for the trees both past and future, the suns ethereal shine piercing, a touched warmth and spring breeze compose a nostalgic feeling of innocence. The small valley hence beseeched by the dark epitaph in extended periphery. An opulent struggle of colors wasted in a place known by only a worlds faint whispers. A contrast of careful footsteps against the woodland songs carried on the wind, a delicate balance between man and nature, the intertwining realization loost upon the falling leaves. The sultry quiet peace of the smoothly flowing streams, lingers but a jealous moments breadth. The simple bespoken urgency trivialized in both form and purpose. haunting tones reverberating resounding resonance, enchanting with a romantic embrace of turning anticipation. The perfumed essence hanging upon the throat, to a narrowing vision of just a single note. Silence now, sleep to dreams unsettled, never to wake again or see the forest through the trees.

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