Eternal Road

what is it that i want…
is it love I desire, companionship, someplace to keep my mind, and another to keep my heart. why do these tears softly roll down my cheeks, those things i claim not to feel, hurt so deeply. These things i know do not exist, make me believe, in a brighter future. what is this life i’ve been living, i would asked you to show me something, to dissuade me, to put me back on the path i have so vigeriously tread, for so many a years hence. but nothing, no harbinger of truth, no shown revelation to be had or heard of. in which life do i lead, in which life do i belong. if she says it’s with me, then that is my life, if she never speaks, if she never tells me to belong with her, then its the outsiders path, the pariahs wake, the man who thinks hes a demon, who thinks its a god, who thinks they are beyond the universe. the path of eternal seeking, infinite wanting, undying yerning for someting i may never know, i may never see.
but i asked you to show me something, anything to dissuade me. why wont you cast off this illusion, of
life worth living, a typical life has no meaning, the forever searching, is the only justifiable way, the only
right of nature, my truth is waiting, waiting for her answer. will she tell me where to belong? with a word, or silence. where do i belong?…..with her, or do i keep on the lonsome road ulysses spoke of, and seek my absolution. my eternal search for my reflection, all the immortals are lost, and most find their grave before their destiny. i will never give in, i will never give myself rest, for my true nature lies in eternity, my life interwoven in the fabric of extrauniversal reality. the man, the demon, the god, the trinity seeking something beyond them selves,
maybe, breif moments of peace can arise throughout infinity. but, i guess that too, is something i have to find as well. to eternity then, and may the dark always beget the light.

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