Where is my Mind

These things I have locked in a desire, so much so, that I strive to attain even a hint of there looming presence. Though, they but turn to ash and fade away, upon there moments of discovery. Can I not be promised but one selfish need. Why do I yet hide these pieces of myself? My hopes and dreams, my wants and desires, they stand but a closely guarded secret. Do I fear, if I breathe life into their agency, they will fly off into the stars without me. Forced to act with no time to think, am I truly living, if I’m scarcely behind my actions. An incongruous person, at a conjunction of spheres, the crossroad, of do I live or do I die. I often sit and ponder at this precipice; it brings me comfort, existing where most wait a lifetime to reach. The perfect lonely prospect, a place where emptiness has a purpose, nothing to take, and nothing to lose. Though, imagining being carried apart from this world, by the ferryman, I cant help but call out, asking a world beyond me now…..

did you ever truly need me? Or was I just dreaming, you ever really cared?…………….

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