Foundation of the universe

The fundamental foundation of the universe is composed of 3 elements. The 2 intrinsic values of matter and antimatter, aswell as the third component of energy. This primordial universe was created by the action potentials of the instantaneous formation of both forms of Yliaster plus the energy output of the strong force drawing both matters together. What transpires is a exponential charge generation similar to axon firing in the neural platform of the human mind. As the kinetic potential is stored after cancelation by the continued canceled foundations spawning, creating instantly repetitive conditions for a universally constant presence. As this energy expands and evolves through interactive resonance, the generation of new structures in response to continually increasing frequencies through the wave proliferating feedback interactions begins. As such, the subsequential population growth of new features and matrices transcribing updated functions and values to the properties of wave and particle morphology. This In turn leading to a rapid variable change in specificity and a furtherance of density construction. As the medium level observation indicates, a direct bottom up relationship in design of particles and molecules is consistent. Though at higher level inspections the outcomes point to a transitional threshold where top down correlations between energy and space intertwine with current lines of reasoning. Adding to a so called dual core exponential systemic matrix or energetic helical universe environment.

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