Neural physics

Neural physics, as relating to the smallest elementary particles through out to the highest of magnitude constructs. having agency in their systematic designs and movements. As the exponential increase in specificity through the compounding effects of combined molecules, creating the macro universal constancy, furthering even more complex interactions and fluctuations throughout space/time and energy. The radical transference of these information vectors, therefore allows for a system design called consciousness. As such, the universe can be said to have a version of a conscious level determined by complexity, type, and density, corresponding to which instance of sequential progression each element exists. Even the most micro particles in the universe have agency, which could indicate some level of consciousness with in them. Which over time and the consolidation of those particles into more complex and macro structures like us. Shows a compounding conscious effect making our level of existence the outcome of trillions of smaller operations happening in the background. Making all our thoughts and actions a methodically systematic process as part of a fully determined reality.

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