Life’s nothing but a confusing puzzle….The more you complete, the more you begin to realize just how many pieces have gone missing over the years. Making you bear witness to all that you regret. though, it’s only in the end we realize, those final pieces we’d been searching for, never existed in the first place. As every life has empty spaces, regardless of your best intentions. That’s what makes us human, the will to carry on, even if you can’t say who you are is without regret. All the same, piece together a legacy you can call your own, in all its incomplete, imperfect, unique, glory.

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  1. What is Life!
    A puzzle!
    No! Not at all!
    Life is a dazzle!
    I have a day!
    I have a way! To enjoy the day!
    I have a Mind! My Mind is here, to drive the Body!
    I have an invisible Soul, who controls my Body!
    I am a living organism!
    I am having a brain with wisdom!
    I am living my life, as monitored by Mind, Brain and Soul!
    I have some free power, of changing the style!
    I never wished to change because,
    I trust my Mind and Soul!
    My life is for all my people!
    I live to be useful to others!
    Nature is my teacher!
    Hunger, Thirst, Sleep are my companions!
    I don’t find any puzzle!

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