Entry 1

Why do I feel so empty?….

I lay here at this boring and depressing place, waiting for the next week to begin. I feel as if I’ve become like the conquered Azurin, just another automatic function, a being of vanished purpose. But just when I think I have no ideas left, the well becomes wet with pluralistic imaginations.
I want so vehemently for this time of my life to be over and done with. To begin again, my true progression through life as I know it. Returning from this estrangement where in which I have become ensnared by a ghostly burdening, belying betwixt broken branches beyond the trampled trails that guided me here, through this passage in purgatory, to the glimmering light at the end of this journey.
Emboldened to cross back over, the last awaits within deliverance from this encumbered mind so weighed down by the heavy concept of divergent emotions constant entrapment.
Though as I exhale my breath so still, it too yet lingers as I do…

waiting for release…

3 thoughts on “Entry 1

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  1. This too shall pass, as do all moments pleasant and unpleasant. Learn all you can for it only makes you richer. Look at this time as a knowing not a burden. Time continues to move forward as do the synchronicities of events and moments yet to unfold for you, leading you toward your next discovery of yourself.

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