Age of Man

Verse 1

what is man?, what is his fate?, the mutation of a chromosome, always trying to understand, forever wanderer, nomads going nowhere. the upright ape, learned to speak a wiser tongue, becoming the master, hands of blood unwashable, footsteps burn, preceding, never forget the path of destruction. menagerie of corpses, foundation of society, trampled bones to dust, we’ve forgotten where we come from. stone, iron, bronze age, systematic in their fade away, silver, then the golden age, the climax, now were in the modern age. pot calls the kettle by another name, evaporation breathing in these lies again, epidemic becoming widespread, hydrahead; old ways becoming more dead, symptoms of the midnight hour. anthropogenic, 7 billion horsemen of the apocalypse, is this the age of man, the modern age?. are we reading the final chapter…….chapter 21, its 3 min to midnight……..will we be the three wise monkeys?……

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