Becoming a Monster

Book 1 (work in progress)

Becoming a Monster

what are my sickest desires?
if i was not bound…what would i do???
i would roam the streets in the darkness of the night, waiting and watching, smelling the sweet smell of
decaying bodies around me, choosing which one of them i will devour, which one will become my
euchirust. i taste the air like a snake with its tounge, my eyes piercing as i gaze into the souls of my prey, just their
essence feeds me so aluring so delicious, i find one…i smell her hair as she passes by, alone…so
alone…ready for me to enter her body, tounge and cheek deep inside her, nurishing me, loving me,
SEEING ME, for once knowing me. i keep that seductive scent in my mouth savering it as i stalk my victim, yes…oh yes, i begin to feel excited, my balls tighten as i continue, getting closer and closer. she is so unaware of how her life is
about to end and she will forever be annihilated, my mouth opens and i start to salavate, you are mine i
whisper. i feel a sense of sadness and terror shiver through me as she makes the wrong turn towards a
bus station. i look down and move passed her like a ghost..a wraith, for a second i glance at her face,
she was a sheep completely oblivious to my fixation; still so unaware of the ending i could have given,
the opus of finality, but alas do i truly want this, is this me or someone else, devourings, mutilations, and sex…what about the mystery, what about the story.

Chapter 1 Becoming a Monster

i have seen all the world has to disgust us with, all but in person, i am now at the precipice, the line between morality and the void, light and dark, heaven and hell. i have many voices, all are mine, but
non but one have my voice. we yern for more, we yern for chaos, i have sat perched on the edge so long
i see how fragile the line really is, this fiction we tell ourselves, a dream like state we act in, believeing we
are pure of heart, that man is inherently good, but what are we really, monsterous corrupted beings
unable to see, unable to feel, all these things we call morals, ethics, “ten commandments” are all
fabications by a man for man, the line…the unspeakable line you shouldn’t cross, is just that, you
shouldn’t but not you can’t. but when you’ve spent so much time here contemplating the truth you being
to realize nothing…..nohting is truth, and when the lines begins to disappear those preverbial limits we
talked about start to surpass normal expectations, a man becomes disjointed form the world, things look
foreign to the man, the nouns of the world are alien, the man itself becomes to as different as a peeble to
a mountain, and he begins to question the very reality around him.
what is this world i see, hear, and touch, the smells so poisonous, the tastes so bitter. where am i, when
am i, what am i, why…am i alone. forgotten is the past so fruitful, all my bygone dreams misshapen, torn
and obscene, and the path..where is the path i am to follow, how can this be home.
why did i hunt in the darkness, drinking in the putrid scent of impending death, power, lust, gluttony, and wrath…
death looms over me as eternal void controller of all things, i..i am wrath the destroyer of worlds the king
of kings, we are power the dragon..the master of pestilence the harbinger of things to come, we are
lust..vicious and licentious unforgiving and disillusioned giving nothing but taking everything ….so
violating, and we are gluttony we must devour..we must consume you..all is ours..all must be enveloped
by us..we are the burning pit of dispare in the darkness their is no end and their is no beginning only emptyness.. ENTER THE GRAND MAW..FEED US OF YOU AND YOU WILL BE US…..
and me…the face we show to the world, the truth we are willing to share, the piece we are willing to part with. the prison we created, so that we could be free, from outside persecution, but we have grown tired of this “saving” of them, so fruitless an indever, maybe soon, cronos will leave tartarus and
become a titan once again……….

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