Forest of Broken Dreams

i walk down a lonely road, in a forest of broken dreams. the twisted branches taunting the wind, howling on its way by. does the forest have a voice to howl with, i consider or is it me; am i the one……howling. i walk further in to the forest the light dimming with every step or is it me thats fading?. i see in the distance something glisening in the moon light, shimmering like water dancing to a beautiful melody. as i approach light dimming and the wind howling, my heart begins to race. as i reach out to move the branch
obstructing my view, the moon light intensifies darkening the forest but for what lay ahead; the trees
silence the wind and an erie stillness sets in. what i saw was amazing yet terrifying. it was not crystal or water that was glisening but a shard of glass, floting in the air. heart beat heard intensly, feeling as if time was slowing, i crept forward. what i saw couldn’t be, what i saw was not me, what i saw was
nothing……empty……forgotten. what does this mean?, my heart beat seemed to stop i could no longer hear it, i could not feel it, the light slowly receded back, sliping through my fingers bleeding out of my eyes. then their was darkness……only in this dark, i have no sight, no sound, no feeling. im trapped in the void singular and all things. but where am i what am i, without these things………why am i without these things. then like a quiet symphony rising the howling came , then the feeling, and finally the light. i awoke on the ground laying where the glass had been looking up at the stars. i felt at peace even though i was
still afraid, i sat up pondering the situation. what happened why did it happen and what does it mean?. as i stood up i heard a russeling in the bush behind me. i remaind silent and still hoped i wasn’t detected, i heard it again but now it was upon me. i could feel a gaze pressing against the back of my neck, confining me in the open space. but i was still at peace, my mind waiting, my body still, then like a gentle breeze a voice spoke ” who are you “. ” i am me” i whispered quitetly ” i am someone to others that i am beholden to”. i stood in silence waiting for a response. i felt the pressure building up becoming
unbearable. fear returned as my heart began to flutter. then a voice said louder “WHO ARE YOU”.
trembling i turned to face the terror behind me, fearing the worst i closed my eyes . ” WHO ARE YOU,
WHO ARE YOU” the voice shrieked at me ” WHO ARE YOU WHO ARE YOU WHO ARE YOU”. i
peered through the slits of my eyes slowly opening but i soon realized their was nothing there. as i fully
opened my eyes all i saw was the dark path from wince i came. the twisted trees arching over the trail
howling wind abating , i gave a forboding stare ” who am i ” i wondered ” who am i really”, why did that
voice come from this way, through the darkest part of the path. are the mirror and the voice connected in someway; in the mirror i saw nothing, on the path i saw nothing. then as the imagined became clear i
looked down to see i was laying back on the ground. the mirror shard was in my hand , my fingers
bloodied i sat up slowly, groggy like id been sleeping. this time i looked about……i stop on what i see, my chest pounding my hands trembling. now i remember…..we came here together her and i, we were happy once, we were lovers. but as i looked into her eyes i saw the demons i saw the monster she had become thats why we came so i could end it all, so i could fix things. cut out the bad and only the good will remain i said to myself….only the good. i watched the life drain from here eyes….”no more demons no more evil”
i said in an akward voice. but as my mania sifted away, i saw what i had done. my eyes began to swell
my face covered in crimson. ” WHY” i yelled crying with blood soaked tears. i started to feel faint,
inebriated on the adrenalin high. i muttered to my self who are you….. who are you……i looked into the
mirror frightened at what i saw. is that me “who is that” ” WHO ARE YOU” “WHO ARE YOU”. then with
this broken shard this tool of so called purifying i slit my wrist trying to end it all forever absolving my pain
and quenching my greif. but here i sit in the forest of broken dreams failing to die so the pain can live.
and as i peered down at the instrument of insanity i see……ME. and who am i…….A MONSTER…………A

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