i sit in a booth at a nightclub, slowly knoding as the bass thumps, the strobe blue and red lights
scattering on my cheek. people dance in front, they look like many tabloughs in the light, fadeing for just
an instant between seens, i close my eyes to further my trance, i still see them all, i feel them, i can’t
escape them, i wish to devour, them all. as i slowly open my eyes they stare out differently than before,
absent of all colour, pale grey, dead, powerful. i’ve chosen, her, i feel the biting, im chewing her even
now, my heart slows my breathing lingers, i move in, she catches my gaze and is fixated by it,
hypnotised by death, i take her to the back, the music begins to fade, forboding, i take her through the
last exit. she asks why were out here, in a playful manner, she thinks sex and drugs, i smile, she says
don’t keep me waiting, i tare open her blouse, she starts to undo my pants, the music becomes scilence,
as i thrust inside her, she moans, then asks me to go harder, i ablige, i kiss her neck then suck her
tounge, see seems happy, for a time, i start to go even harder, and grab her tight, she pulls back a little,
but says nothing, i grin, thrusting violently hard, yet she still says nothing, i grab her by the throat, she
approves but her eyes scream no, i kiss her lips tenderly one last time, she feel a sence of saftey, how
wrong more the eye of a hurrican, i squeeze her throat as she trys to scream, after the first bit, she looks
like shes grinning with that piece gone, her eyes buldge, as my grip intensifys, choking on crimson, i
keep thrusting her moist insides, her face flushed red, begging for breath, i cum as i watch the life bleed
from her eyes, watching light turn into darkness, then the pop, you can guess what that is, i take one last
taste, the flavour is so much sweeter than the first, savering her like a fine wine, i drop her corpes the
moment after id had my fill, like a doll she crumbles, worthless, empty, forgotten, if feel disgusted by her,
what a usless cunt, my power was too much, my magnifisence was too great, i left her there like the
trash she was. alas now she was the comsumed, so much more in death than she was in life, i walk back
inside, the music speaks to me, reverberating resonance of true power, i enter through the heavens gate,
the world seems so vivid now, the sounds so clear, the lights dance and shimmer, feeding me, i yell out
drowning in complexity . i make my way back to the beginning, slowly fading into the background
knoding my head moving to the music…………………I AM GOD…………..i close my eye for a moment……to
further my trance…

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