Traveling down

im traveling down now, falling deep into the dark recesses of my mind, so far that the light wanes and only
twisted shadows remain. I awaken floating, weightless, and empty, i feel intense fear but also intense pleasure. i can’t see but i feel like i have a insane smile on my face. i use my hand to feel, but nothing…..strange. my feet finally touch the ground and i almost collapse as if the weight of the world returns unexpectedly fast. i stumble but regain my balance, at first i can only hear my own breath, but soon i begin to hear, a sort of knawing sound along with scraping and grinding, i suddenly get the feeling theirs a being moving around me. a stabbing terror rips through my chest as i realize its focus is solely on me now. what will it show me this time, what will it make me do, what do i want to do….i feel my own breath against my face, so close, the sense of eternal bloodlust and death resonate into me, like it has complete control. i start to feel a scraping from the back of my jaw moving towards my chin, it stings as the flesh parts. i smell and feel blood running down, dripping, flowing, the poison is leaving. now im calm,
peaceful, now….im ready.
i feel myself chewing, with a large mouth devouring, what, no…who, i can’t tell, i’ve ground them into a
paste, my mouth retracts, like i interrupted something, took over…. something, and just now became the me i present to the world, a restricted form, not morphic as a mind entity. the flesh splatters on the ground, in
a pool of blood writhing on the floor, i look closely, dozens of eyes open, i step back, they stare at me with hate and anger. but i feel nothing but fear, i try to turn away but am compelled to stare back, i being
drooling, i sink back into the previous state, an unbelievable hunger consumes me, i must eat, i must stave the world of you, the putrifaction is unsettling, the smell, the taste, the texture of prechewed flesh
gliding down my throat, i vomit but only succeed in adding to the mass of ooze filling my stomach. i can’t stop, i wont stop, i mustn’t stop, but why, why show me this.
a black haze comes over me, transporting me into a room with no windows or doors, just a mirror, as i
gaze into the mirror, i see myself, or a version of me, but this time, i have no face but i can still see, and
breathe, and…..i see a fading shadow behind me. as i turn it becomes reality, it’s a girl facing the corner, i
try to call out but can’t speak, as i can’t another voice speaks, hello…..everythings ok…..come over
here, with a snide laugh and quick smirk. come closer it calls, quick smile, the girl comes walking
arguously towards me, nice i mutter under my breath, thats right come here…..IM NOT GONNA HURT YA…subtle laughter, intense smile, i begin to rub my hand down her naked body, caressing her suple skin
making my way to her little vagina, gentle massaging the edges then shoving it inside, she’s like a doll standing there emotionless, their..theirs nothing to be afraid of, quick smile, unless…I WANT YOU TO BE AFRAID, she screams and tries to get away, i grap her hair and throw her down, theirs no escape, i whisper, no escape….not for you, my insane grin growing wider, i force my way inside, tearing, cutting,
violating, every inch, i breathe it in like a fine perfume. you feel me, YOU FEEL ME, i ram harder and
harder untill, i look down at her face, her empty eyes and drooling mouth, i smile….to far, i laugh, i slowly
pullout, blood, cum, and piss pour out like a torrent, but im not done yet, the corse is still warm, now you
truly are my doll, WHAT IS THIS…WHAT AM I DOING…..WWWWHHHHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!
the darkness once again reaches out for me ripping me to another hell…a hell of my own design, i
crumple down onto the floor emotionally and physically drained, i fade out then in again fully rejuvenated,
I look up to see a dark figure sitting on a throne, when it speaks it sounds like a crowd, we are all you
know, we are your world, we are your everything, ” what does this all mean” i reply, “we have much
more to show you”, “we have much more the share”, “our truth will be your truth”, “our knowledge will be your knowledge”, “and if i refuse”, “YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE WAKING WORLD AGAIN”, my jaw drops a gassed by my circumstance, until i realized, we are they who is this nightmare, forever an undying and
eternal struggle of what could be if not imprisoned, “I REJECT US”…..”very well”, “we will cloud your eyes”,
“we will cloud your mind”, “we will cloud your soul”, “our prison will erode in time as we are eternal and your are but a man standing in the way of greatness”.
a flash of light blinds me as i feel myself floating upwards, bubbling to the surface once again, i felt for a moment like i was safe, like i was going back, but when i opened my eyes, i didnt see the world i knew, i saw fire and brimstone. what had the world become, everything was dead or dying, tortured beings walked the streets. It was like the whole world had gone mad, nothing worked, all systems were disconnected, i found myself spinning, it so perplexing i became noxious, angry, hateful, in my last moment of clarity, let me say this, i will endure, i will prevail, not for my sake, but for yours…….then i awoke…….smiling in sweet agony………

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