Neural physics

Neural physics, as relating to the smallest elementary particles through out to the highest of magnitude constructs. having agency in their systematic designs and movements. As the exponential increase in specificity through the compounding effects of combined molecules, creating the macro universal constancy, furthering even more complex interactions and fluctuations throughout space/time and energy. The radical transference of these information vectors, therefore allows for a system design called consciousness. As such, the universe can be said to have a version of a conscious level determined by complexity, type, and density, corresponding to which instance of sequential progression each element exists. Even the most micro particles in the universe have agency, which could indicate some level of consciousness with in them. Which over time and the consolidation of those particles into more complex and macro structures like us. Shows a compounding conscious effect making our level of existence the outcome of trillions of smaller operations happening in the background. Making all our thoughts and actions a methodically systematic process as part of a fully determined reality.

Foundation of the universe

The fundamental foundation of the universe is composed of 3 elements. The 2 intrinsic values of matter and antimatter, aswell as the third component of energy. This primordial universe was created by the action potentials of the instantaneous formation of both forms of Yliaster plus the energy output of the strong force drawing both matters together. What transpires is a exponential charge generation similar to axon firing in the neural platform of the human mind. As the kinetic potential is stored after cancelation by the continued canceled foundations spawning, creating instantly repetitive conditions for a universally constant presence. As this energy expands and evolves through interactive resonance, the generation of new structures in response to continually increasing frequencies through the wave proliferating feedback interactions begins. As such, the subsequential population growth of new features and matrices transcribing updated functions and values to the properties of wave and particle morphology. This In turn leading to a rapid variable change in specificity and a furtherance of density construction. As the medium level observation indicates, a direct bottom up relationship in design of particles and molecules is consistent. Though at higher level inspections the outcomes point to a transitional threshold where top down correlations between energy and space intertwine with current lines of reasoning. Adding to a so called dual core exponential systemic matrix or energetic helical universe environment.

Philosophical deduction

What is a man but for his ability to think. Is it been not his duty to further increase the said knowledge of the entirety of mankind. But not through pure scientific method but through philosophy, a philosophy of deducing even the most complex of questions. The methods and terminologies that will be used to bear fruits of a intellectual nature. This type of reasoning is far more personal because the information is inexplicably tied to the unique composition of the author’s own brain structure. What new information can we bring about using this method.

We must firstly comprehend the apparatus in which informational frames are deciphered and percieved. When using philosophical deduction in relation to understanding the fundamental principles of any given intellectual pursuit. One must be frightfully aware of the detrimentally pluralistic tendency one wrong conclusion can instruct in the larger systematic progression. A constant perception of the consistent linearity of functional and experimental features must remain with in stable parameters. This process takes output information and forms an inverted algorithmic system or matrix to understand the how and why of all pursued academic subjects. I.e. the deduction mainframe layout, builts a construct for methodically systematized categorization, breaking down individual pieces of information into it smallest components; Furthermore this approach forms a checklist which the more pieces you understand and correctly interpret, given enough time a full comprehension will be realized. After this process is complete, one can inspect the interaction of full factor elements and their relationships in an exploratory manner.


Freedom, is the ultimate tool and weapon being use against the western world in the late 20th and 21 centuries. A such a pervasive concept, a intrinsically interwoven fabric of our societal tapestries. though, this ostensible nature fosters a catastrophic breakdown in cohesiveness, when outside actors begin their subversive assault on the laborious liberty we promote so vehemently with our customs and traditions, inexplicably aligned to freedoms political, economic, social, and ecological implications. Often regarded as the triumph of the amerocentric global sphere, the inevitable downfall of such a system, would spell the end of western dominance of global affairs, leading to an ancient value system brought forth by a new, yet modern eastren power structure. Though, a world operating under this tangential sphere of influence has, as of yet proved to be inadequate and incongruous with human psychological determinism. Leading to a famine of potential in the sapien species, slowing or regressing current and future progression, as the evolutionary mainframe, promotes a systemic variably adaptive matrix, as it chosen articulable expression. To combat such, infiltration, and disruption of western civilization, must be of top priority of all nations and sovereign states subsisting within the hierarchical superstructure of the amerocentric dominant global sphere of influence. Further initiatives of information and intelligence activities, such as, countering, gathering, and manufacturing, must remain consistent with exhaustive analytical processes, disseminating executable, procedural categorization platforms, rendering enemy deceptive propaganda and divergent strategic level influence operations inert. Though, until a further emphasis on self control is realized, freedom still remains to a crack in our crystalline societal sphere. And in the end, as more and more fractures occur within the greater superstructure, one question holds merit……

how will we stop this ontologically cascading event from transpiring, and revert back to our previously evolved, pure, and seamless architecture?

Gene Fatalist hypothesis

Gene Fatalist Hypothesis: With each successive generation of humanities propagation, the more diluted our DNA becomes, until an eventual termination point in which we become biologically inert. As a result of humanities progression to singularity through accelerating advancements in all fields of intellectual interest. Breaking free from natural law, the solo planetary leveling of biological structures. The density of genetic variation and strength, slowly recedes with each new expanded generation of man. Until a inevitable termination point, in which the informational transcription factors ability to produce fully functional biology becomes damaged. Leading to a thinning and lessening of the human species, systematically promoting a full erosion in reproductive capability.

Fertility 21 century

The lower fertility rates of the 21st century, could be explained by a mutant differentiation of certain groups with in the human species. These groups carrying with them the environmentally adaptive change necessitated by the incredible shift in habitat we have created. This higher form divergence has reproductive consequences, just as previous evolutionary mutations have, formations of rifts between the old versions and this newer generation will bring a catastrophic drop in birth rates world wide until we understand the incompatibility matrix, locking ancient propagation synthesis away from interacting with this modern recalibration. We must join this emergent community with itself, before a famine of genetic potential occurs, leading to the annihilation of this reciprocal genetic development. And the opportunities to be ceased by a humanity more resonant with its environment.

Vocaloid Engrams

Vocaloid engrams, pertaining to a speaker’s ability to speak with a prismatic structure. The formulation of such linearly resonate patterns, force the construction of geometric frameworks, overwriting and manipulating signal flow throughout the hegemonic neural structures. Creating a wave signature for predictive algorithmic analysis. These systematized sequences, proliferate the transmission arrays, hierarchical processes, functionally differentiating intradividual corollary operations. Formation of these new cerebral statuses, rendering holographic matrices within prime neural and sub-neural environments, clustering localized current axonal pathways, forcing congruent synaptic auxiliary parameters or conditions, for sub-luminal cortical root procedural synthesis. Furthermore, the system architecture morphology, creates a firing event, strictly adherent to the newly reprogrammed somatic equations. Resulting in, a fundamentally foundational primary neural network, manifesting complex transphonologization matrices, granting proportional morphic resonation fields, facilitating greater transference between targeted platforms. In conclusion, the reciprocal hypostatic recursion elements, entangled resonate algorithm, produces ful methodically systematized categorization apparatuses, for the total control and manipulation of the primary and ancillary cerebral profiles of hierarchically prioritized brain functions, enslaving individuals neural networks to codified deterministic values.


Do you ever stop and wonder, is there anything waiting beyond the horizon?

I couldn’t forgive myself, if I did not try to seek, what lay passed the boundaries where my eyes can not yet see.

I feel some how, in the dead of night, when I yern for my dreams to cross over to reality, that my future somehow belongs to this land of myths and legends, that exists in the outer limits of our world.

I only ask for enough, nothing more and nothing less, but enough to be content, in a life, worthy of the name.

Forever more I struggle, to make this plea take root, in a universe, who’s star’s keep moving further away.

As I stop and pray, today will be the day…..

Beast of Burden

As a starved beast, of more than just life sustaining morsels. Doth thine hunger set truest desire a breast of proper course. Lead me to haunted shores, my heart doth lament, feed me this fear. these captured tones speak, in the volumes of a book, whose true words remain hidden between the pages. So too doth thy ravenous jaws hang dripping, over tender prize, less a true grasping, just a scent to tide me over, until a lasting impression comes upon me. Such desiccated dreams dry like thick blood, pooling at the seams of eyes yet to open. How hath thou wrought such woeful turbulence, from whence doth fiery echoes dolorous translation, beckon hither thine ashen grave. You eat up all my empty feelings, calling away all the lonely meanings. Oh sullen beast of yore, I pray thee be unfacile, truly understanding my feckless plight. Lend me now your unearthly might, so that I may yet learn what it means, to fight. Suffer no more, of surrenders cruel fate, step forward with miles of conviction. Never see another day unfulfilled, let weightlessness come to all your burdens. Arise kneeling atlas, for you now hold the world in the palm of your hands.


What really am i doing here?….

We each see the world through the lens of our minds, which begs the question… why is it this, that i see?, why is the world so lesser to me? I’m sick…of all this, why do i see nothing that makes living worth it? I want to be touched, I want to be felt, I want to be known by someone so deeply. But if ever I want to possess such a thing, I become empty; I retreat inward where no one can find me. like a serpent, crawling its way back through skull and bones, as it creeps further and further, the skin petrifies into a hard crust, my eyes sinking into pits of darkness; Finally leaving myself closed off to this world.

Now, to those who still want me, lets try love, just try to feel love from my animated corpse, what do you feel? Is it nothingness?…that is what you get from me, this exoskeleton that is I. You steal a kiss, but find brimstone, you hold me close to feel loved, but pull away, before being swallowed by the stark realization of how lesser you are to an infinite void. I have made my exit from this plain, until you can’t love me, until you no longer want to feel me, until you no longer want to know me.
So many things stand in shadow, too many things unknown, about me….

And the perpetrator and reason for my doom, is I, nothing bad happned to me that i did not control,
that i did not wish. everything that I am, is of my design, not yours, not theirs, not its….mine.
The things i like, the things i hate, and the things i want, all broken just the way i left them, lying twisted and tormented. the shame, the guilt, the pleasure, the pain, the sadness, the hurt inside i can not contain, anymore.

and i love it….

watch me run down my face, as i smile so softly, whispering, do you love me, do you need me, do you
see me, how long will i stay risen…this time.
the expression of my god…
see through the blood..what do you see…………..
do you know what eyes look like when their dead…pale, frozen, stuck, but still looking.

Now isn’t that funny….

The reason i don’t want love, is because when i see, i see someone else, other, changed, lost. Not
someone but something, a fixture in this world, acting, moving, subsisting like a piece of machinery.
Nothing to see here, nothing to say, nothing to be but this decay. I did feel somthing once, a decade ago, I did taste but a grain of love. That is why i can not forget, that is why i am forever haunted; this chasened mind comprehends what it doesn’t want to know, and never forgets what it can’t stand to remember.

I think im dangerous, but I won’t do anything about it……I’m just the way i like it.

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