dreaming dynastic divinities, denoting depths deeply drowning dumbfounded diatribes. Denounce deduced denigration, delineated dissertations disintegration, despite doubting deference, dictated dare dysgenic deliberation. Divisively dissimilar, desiccated dephibralator, drawing decayed demons, disturbed drones drink deprived delinquents. Drove drunk down dry divergences, domestication dies dressed duplicitously. Dancing delirium, directed deuterium, divisions due, decades Deliverance, decadent dismemberment, deciphering disenchanted dialogues. Does dreaming dilapidated dystopian descriptions, deem days doomed. dawn dared dry drops descendant, drained driven deception, damage done derailed deepening digression. Distressingly deciding, deplorable devil’s dine delicately, dripping delicious devolution’s devoid demarcation. Depressingly Dark demeanor…..done drifting… dreaming deceiver…

Quantum Dream

Am i awake…..
do i see the truth, is this really…..real.
who am i, this question keeps speaking, tauntingly testing true transgressions, these treasonous trifles,
trials and tribulations……
where can a man find solid ground in a world full of quick sand. since sense seems so subsequential,
sacrifycing sanctity, severing simple serenity. seath oh seath, yern oh yern, yet stilled and distilled into
something nearer and nearer to a fractured core. A twisted amalgamation or disturbed breadth, mind my manipulation, passed lives capitulation.
i seek a singluar division, a positive revision, a real addition not a superstition. this holographic projection conflagrates personage, believing principally purposeful incarnations of which conscience and consciousness coalesce, culminating capriciously into something we scarcely understand and eagerly underestimate.
everything seems so surreal, like im missing some key factor, some key reason. many of the features of
this human experience elude me, and yet i persist, going along with this….insanity. who are you???
what do i pretend to be today, what is it i should say, is it me or is it they who are unwelcomed. we broke
the seventh seal before we knew what life really meant to us, we climbed to heights we couldn’t imagine, and now were left with a cyclical time centric universal understanding so flawed and increasingly decaying as perception moves along.
is it we who control the course of civilization or does the collective control our curious interpretations beholden to our limited view of the eternal persistent collaborative quantum dream we call earth….
i dont accept it anymore……
so then how do i wake up???……………………………..


The iridescent fixtures of a wondering mind, stand effervescent against a dreary and foreboding sky. Due in times eye a gleaming ray shone through such beleaguered circumstance. Piercing hearts do realize, these tainted tidings fall short their intended purpose. A predator lingers transfixed by the wet laceration of bone and blood. Bare thine hubris, aloud I speak it plainly for all to see, me. Fear not that I am waiting, breathe me my last breath, steal me my last gaze, fealty to the enlivened concourse of an amalgamated nexus lays but fine direction to a nowhere now here. A transcription of a plagiarize soul, leaves a pale reflection on the slivered glass. Scraping scraps of solitary sentiment only to scream so silently, these sickening sounds surround a starved sense of sanctuary. I feel so small amongst the giants of malcontent, for I fail to walk one step unaided. following in the footsteps of antiquation. Lead me not to contemplation, it hurts to think of life’s great deviation. Though my curse is sight beyond sight, even if thy eyes bleed to blindness, I cannot look away, almost as if I’m destined for dismay.


Upon the wings of wind swept shores, I beseech the setting sun. Though my eyes have yet to be unburdened, I fail to see the stars, like my faded aspirations they taught me. Is there something beyond this point I wonder. the dark blanket of the night sky locking us in. suffering such suffocation, clawing at my throat to breathe just once more. This asphyxiation so intoxicating, it brings one to linger outside the world. Then reach, violently flail and pretend somehow it matters. The crushing weight baring down so insurmountable, how is it that a life’s circumstances could feel so heavy. Has it always been there?, this pressure of living. Is this the allure of death, end your labours forever, just return to your great slumber. Was i asleep before, a recursive energy flowing through time. Only if I could remember being someone else. Maybe I loved to dream in some forgotten past. Maybe to in this earlier time, I could still see the stars and reach up and take one for myself.


she sings sweet sullen songs sirens simply say, my mind meaningless, blissful blunders, why wait when
wonders wane, yet yern your yester yern, forget forgive forgotten, past people ponder, so swiftly staile
stagnation sets still, my beating heart.
wandering woefully and woefully wondering, time ticks that tedious tick, like love left lying, suffer sweet
son of man, fall flat fleetingly, need not know nothing, but believe blindly, blinds us all, who are you i see
in the mirror, i still can not disipher your identity, so imperfect to me, never attainable the truth i wish to
see…but now im lulld to sleep by a siren of the seas….

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