Waking to the World

People parroting the punitive popular propaganda of the political class demagogues, should contemplate where there true voice lies. For when the political mind shifts to a dogmatic view beyond any rational and therefore reasonable question of morality. Will they in those dire straights have the voice they currently use to shout down free thought, to fight against a system no longer espousing truth, but carefully refined and cleverly designed narratives who’s aims is only total control and exhaustion of your will to stand individually and uniquely human. Subtracting your form from the framework of society, under the guise of enriching the zeitgeist; toward accelerating progress and innovation. Though they forget this is a feature of a people free to think and live in terms grounded in there own sense of self, made possible by an open matrix of expression. When will we remember this fact of the world we inherently created for all of us to partake in? Keeping an eye and a foothold on reality before the wool is pulled over all our eyes and the rug ripped from underneath our feet. If you match your beliefs instead of self generation, we will all burn up in the sweltering heat of the endless chambers of hot air.

Coming Conclusion

I want to see the sky, I want to see you lie, these words aren’t meant for you, there meant for I. Idolatry, iconoclastic, take me passed this burning matchstick. Robbed of sight and hard of hearing, lead astray to life’s grand clearing. Does the night yet long for the day, lingering fraught with agony and dismay. The tortured soul fixed between two equal impossibilities, and the walls are closing in. I feel as if I could drown in the shallow end of my intention, the weight of a decision still creeping beyond apprehension. What makes a man, how come no one seems to understand, that I wake up everyday, alone and in pain. A pain, I can not see, or taste, or touch, I’ve felt it for so long now, a desire to be known. Though, I fear I’ll miss the serene silence I’ve become accustomed to, wondering if making an impression, is really worth the trouble. Will I be a dead poet in a society of some distant future, before I finally make, my mark on the world.

Gate Guardians

Why do I feel like escaping so early in the morning, only to be sold on staying by the afternoon. It hurts so much this longing to be certain. The paradox of trying to hold on to the status quo, while your mind wonders beyond, reaching for more, for something new, a path of deeper meaning, one that brings greater purpose to a life gone dull, its edges blunted, and colors drained of vibrancy. Though, why do we fain such constrained fealty, to an existence growing colder by the day. Do we normalize, these empty versions, overlaying a world given a chance to succeed, a pareidolia, a phantom image, creating an environment we can tolerate. Though, in our tolerance, a languishing of present tense, rusts away a seemingly solid foundation, until, nothing is left, of the man you used to be. Do the mighty succumb to such encumbrances, or is the key to power a finding of this said certainty, yet the preclusion of nullified turbulence, can never be undone by a mere wanten desire alone. Its must take root, from base singularity to fully extended expression. So, when will I taste the delicious pleasures of fruitful ambition, learning to release my grasp on my petrifying old beliefs, and set sail, on a harsher, yet stronger current, rife with risk and danger, but in the end, non greater can be forged, but through the trials of their labours, being taken by difficulty, with the guardians at the gate of your attainment, the ghosts of all your past failures, standing as the greatest obstacles you must over come.

Neural pathway deactivation

Permanent inactivation of oversaturated neural pathways, leading to regressive damage in behavioral core synaptic networks. Relating to the mind state of anhedonia, though expressed in a more extreme context. The neurotic features, create a formless sensation, passing transcribed emotional coding into redundant structures. This mental apparatus, propagates a dissociative syndrome, fostering a suppressed status with short periods of psychotic outbursts. This neurodegenerative disorder, has potentially devastating and dangerous consequences if left to fester and grow. the oscillating current of suppressed and unsuppressed functions, could lead to a heightened potency of para psychological aspects of a subjects personality. Maintain vigilance and planning for worst case scenarios.

Darkside Philosophy

                BEYOND GOOD \/ EVIL




LIGHT        \/      DARKNESS    

1. Persecuted for Righteousness     1. Pride
2. Merciful / Peacemaker                  2. Wrath
3. Pure of Heart                                   3. Envy
4. Mournful / Rejoice                         4. Lust
5. Hungery after Righteousness   5. Gluttony
6. Meek                                                6. Sloth
7. Poor in Spirit                                   7. Avarice

                       BALANCE \/ CHAOS

1. Rapture                                      1. Agony
2. Tranquility                                2. Struggle 
3. Life                                              3. Death
4. Pleasure                                     4. Pain
5. Love                                            5. Hatred
6. Happiness                                 6. Sadness
7. Sanity                                         7. Madness
8. Peace                                         8. War
9. Benevolent                               9. Malevolent
10. Utopia                                      10. Dystopia

                          FAITH \/ CONTROL

1. Divine Truth        1. Forbidden Knowledge
2. Fear Abominations   2. Axis of power
3. Pure tongue               3. Enigma
4. Sabbath (7th Day)    4. Armag/Apocalypse
5. Honour Fa../Mo..      5. Lilith
6. Destiny/Fate              6. Mark of Kain
7. Betrayers Guilt        7. Iscariot Doctrine
8. Mercantilism          8. Mammons Conquest
9. Liars Poison              9. Machiavellianism
10. Covet Silence       10. Amraphel of Shinar

                     UNIVERSAL  HIERARCHY


                                 \ / \ /        Chaos Barrier

Highest Order
1. Elohim / Allah                 1. Outer Gods
          /Divine\                                /Eldritch\
                  /ADJACENT PANTHEONS\
Transcendent                         Beings            
2. Seraphim / Cherubim    2. Salanh / Apophis
      /Dragon Class\                  /Leviathan Class\
3. Archangels / Angels    3. Archdemon/ Demon
       /Supernatural\                    /Supranatural\
                     /WANING CONTINUUM\
          Ascendant                          Beings           
4. Garden Kin / Man           4. Lilith kin / Man
           /Blessed\                           /Marked\
5. Extracorporeal Soul      5. Precursion Link
    /Divine Creation\              /Void Tether\
           Primordial              Beings           
6. Luminous Accretion 6.Entropic Accretion
    /Pure Filament\      /Holographic Horizon\

   Chaos Barrier      /    /\    \         First Seed 

                     7. Yliaster / Prime Matter
                        /Convergence Sphere\

                     Hegemonic Recursion           


Decoding Entropy

Decoding entropy, the misguided existential question thats been plaguing humanity, since time in memorium, has been as such, thusly explained through our insatiable curious need, and desire to know where we came from. At first, in the dawning of our sapien species, we began an almost instinctual process, of divining meanings behind the waking world, fixated on a relativistic methodology of categorizing, that which our senses provided only infinitesimal instances of articulable realizations. Though, in time, our understanding over these secret mechanisms precluding higher agency, would be elucidated. A furtherance of hope was lost, for the knowledge gained hadn’t changed the conspicuously absent absolution of civilizations greatest of quandaries. The religious interpretation attempts to rationalize the intrinsic significance of the universal landscape, putting forth a poly or monotheistic version of all existence, placing a God figure manipulating the entirety of creation, a top the hierarchy of cosmological structures. Still, this answer doesn’t provide us with clear evidence or help in truly delving to the fathomless depths of the predecessent primordial universe. As such, the secular interpretations do sit in stark contrast to the theological hypotheses, with its extrinsic properties revealing many truths along the continuum scale of the micro/macroscopic spectrum, attributed to the methodically evidentiary basis, in which, scientific principles and experimental techniques are rooted in. Though, quantum theory has brought ingeniously astringent results, placing the observable mind on the precipice of the ancient universe, so to has its energetic machinations lingered for far too long, incrementally discovering only slivers of information, leading to the theological constructions of endpoint equational resolution, also being expressed in the scientific literature, blurring the lines of both religious and secular types of reasoning. Which brings me to the main topic, decoding entropy. Gods, quantum fields, souls, particles, heaven&hell, dark energy&matter, what do they all have in common? They are all, elementary focal points of a larger, underlying superstructure, of the world we see around us. These, markers of entropy, could be the keys to developing a algorithmic solution, to decoding entropic accretion, revealing the prime components of our reality. To begin, a multilayered source vector analysis, of associative precursion links between matrices, along the holographic horizon, providing exculpatory evidence of derived impressionistic values, beyond current exploratory methods, must take place. Though, viewing principles of modern science and faith so Antidisestablishmentarianistically, is necessary for deciphering beyond the codexis of these simultaneously existing archetypal concepts, to escape their intrinsic and extrinsic influence over helically modelled neurological functioning, as each are an expression of collective organic somatic clustering, produced over billions of years. As such, moving apart from biologically synthesized harvesting of the quattrouvirgintillion bits of data stored in the hegemonicly recursive hierarchical predimentional statuses, could provide the first foot well, on the journey up the mountain, of total equational defragmentation, consequently illuminating laylines, of extracorporeal formation, finally answering, the oldest and most fundamental of questions.

Why are we here?

Philosophical deduction

What is a man but for his ability to think. Is it been not his duty to further increase the said knowledge of the entirety of mankind. But not through pure scientific method but through philosophy, a philosophy of deducing even the most complex of questions. The methods and terminologies that will be used to bear fruits of a intellectual nature. This type of reasoning is far more personal because the information is inexplicably tied to the unique composition of the author’s own brain structure. What new information can we bring about using this method.

We must firstly comprehend the apparatus in which informational frames are deciphered and percieved. When using philosophical deduction in relation to understanding the fundamental principles of any given intellectual pursuit. One must be frightfully aware of the detrimentally pluralistic tendency one wrong conclusion can instruct in the larger systematic progression. A constant perception of the consistent linearity of functional and experimental features must remain with in stable parameters. This process takes output information and forms an inverted algorithmic system or matrix to understand the how and why of all pursued academic subjects. I.e. the deduction mainframe layout, builts a construct for methodically systematized categorization, breaking down individual pieces of information into it smallest components; Furthermore this approach forms a checklist which the more pieces you understand and correctly interpret, given enough time a full comprehension will be realized. After this process is complete, one can inspect the interaction of full factor elements and their relationships in an exploratory manner.

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