Waking to the World

People parroting the punitive popular propaganda of the political class demagogues, should contemplate where there true voice lies. For when the political mind shifts to a dogmatic view beyond any rational and therefore reasonable question of morality. Will they in those dire straights have the voice they currently use to shout down free thought, to fight against a system no longer espousing truth, but carefully refined and cleverly designed narratives who’s aims is only total control and exhaustion of your will to stand individually and uniquely human. Subtracting your form from the framework of society, under the guise of enriching the zeitgeist; toward accelerating progress and innovation. Though they forget this is a feature of a people free to think and live in terms grounded in there own sense of self, made possible by an open matrix of expression. When will we remember this fact of the world we inherently created for all of us to partake in? Keeping an eye and a foothold on reality before the wool is pulled over all our eyes and the rug ripped from underneath our feet. If you match your beliefs instead of self generation, we will all burn up in the sweltering heat of the endless chambers of hot air.


Freedom, is the ultimate tool and weapon being use against the western world in the late 20th and 21 centuries. A such a pervasive concept, a intrinsically interwoven fabric of our societal tapestries. though, this ostensible nature fosters a catastrophic breakdown in cohesiveness, when outside actors begin their subversive assault on the laborious liberty we promote so vehemently with our customs and traditions, inexplicably aligned to freedoms political, economic, social, and ecological implications. Often regarded as the triumph of the amerocentric global sphere, the inevitable downfall of such a system, would spell the end of western dominance of global affairs, leading to an ancient value system brought forth by a new, yet modern eastren power structure. Though, a world operating under this tangential sphere of influence has, as of yet proved to be inadequate and incongruous with human psychological determinism. Leading to a famine of potential in the sapien species, slowing or regressing current and future progression, as the evolutionary mainframe, promotes a systemic variably adaptive matrix, as it chosen articulable expression. To combat such, infiltration, and disruption of western civilization, must be of top priority of all nations and sovereign states subsisting within the hierarchical superstructure of the amerocentric dominant global sphere of influence. Further initiatives of information and intelligence activities, such as, countering, gathering, and manufacturing, must remain consistent with exhaustive analytical processes, disseminating executable, procedural categorization platforms, rendering enemy deceptive propaganda and divergent strategic level influence operations inert. Though, until a further emphasis on self control is realized, freedom still remains to a crack in our crystalline societal sphere. And in the end, as more and more fractures occur within the greater superstructure, one question holds merit……

how will we stop this ontologically cascading event from transpiring, and revert back to our previously evolved, pure, and seamless architecture?

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