Neural pathway deactivation

Permanent inactivation of oversaturated neural pathways, leading to regressive damage in behavioral core synaptic networks. Relating to the mind state of anhedonia, though expressed in a more extreme context. The neurotic features, create a formless sensation, passing transcribed emotional coding into redundant structures. This mental apparatus, propagates a dissociative syndrome, fostering a suppressed status with short periods of psychotic outbursts. This neurodegenerative disorder, has potentially devastating and dangerous consequences if left to fester and grow. the oscillating current of suppressed and unsuppressed functions, could lead to a heightened potency of para psychological aspects of a subjects personality. Maintain vigilance and planning for worst case scenarios.

Seed Ships

Seed ships that carry human genetic components, removing the need for generational starships. These ships begin helical synthesis forming adaptive human embryos, with that appropriate properties given the xeno biology of the new exoplanetary habitat. Through a method of combining cybernetic, unique genetic structures or molecules to forming zygotic matrices, creating parallel sapien species subject to counter earth conditions. Efforts to make integration pathways to incorporate parallel clusters into existing human populations on earth, this must be a high priority, preventing dislocations in a pluralistic interplanetary civilization, aswell as increasing and strengthening genetic diversity, matching expansion balance growth equations. The negative outcomes of non reciprocal expansionism could lead to a singularity exponentially furthering biological latency and genetic stagnation postulated in the gene fatalist hypothesis.

Decoding Entropy

Decoding entropy, the misguided existential question thats been plaguing humanity, since time in memorium, has been as such, thusly explained through our insatiable curious need, and desire to know where we came from. At first, in the dawning of our sapien species, we began an almost instinctual process, of divining meanings behind the waking world, fixated on a relativistic methodology of categorizing, that which our senses provided only infinitesimal instances of articulable realizations. Though, in time, our understanding over these secret mechanisms precluding higher agency, would be elucidated. A furtherance of hope was lost, for the knowledge gained hadn’t changed the conspicuously absent absolution of civilizations greatest of quandaries. The religious interpretation attempts to rationalize the intrinsic significance of the universal landscape, putting forth a poly or monotheistic version of all existence, placing a God figure manipulating the entirety of creation, a top the hierarchy of cosmological structures. Still, this answer doesn’t provide us with clear evidence or help in truly delving to the fathomless depths of the predecessent primordial universe. As such, the secular interpretations do sit in stark contrast to the theological hypotheses, with its extrinsic properties revealing many truths along the continuum scale of the micro/macroscopic spectrum, attributed to the methodically evidentiary basis, in which, scientific principles and experimental techniques are rooted in. Though, quantum theory has brought ingeniously astringent results, placing the observable mind on the precipice of the ancient universe, so to has its energetic machinations lingered for far too long, incrementally discovering only slivers of information, leading to the theological constructions of endpoint equational resolution, also being expressed in the scientific literature, blurring the lines of both religious and secular types of reasoning. Which brings me to the main topic, decoding entropy. Gods, quantum fields, souls, particles, heaven&hell, dark energy&matter, what do they all have in common? They are all, elementary focal points of a larger, underlying superstructure, of the world we see around us. These, markers of entropy, could be the keys to developing a algorithmic solution, to decoding entropic accretion, revealing the prime components of our reality. To begin, a multilayered source vector analysis, of associative precursion links between matrices, along the holographic horizon, providing exculpatory evidence of derived impressionistic values, beyond current exploratory methods, must take place. Though, viewing principles of modern science and faith so Antidisestablishmentarianistically, is necessary for deciphering beyond the codexis of these simultaneously existing archetypal concepts, to escape their intrinsic and extrinsic influence over helically modelled neurological functioning, as each are an expression of collective organic somatic clustering, produced over billions of years. As such, moving apart from biologically synthesized harvesting of the quattrouvirgintillion bits of data stored in the hegemonicly recursive hierarchical predimentional statuses, could provide the first foot well, on the journey up the mountain, of total equational defragmentation, consequently illuminating laylines, of extracorporeal formation, finally answering, the oldest and most fundamental of questions.

Why are we here?

Neural physics

Neural physics, as relating to the smallest elementary particles through out to the highest of magnitude constructs. having agency in their systematic designs and movements. As the exponential increase in specificity through the compounding effects of combined molecules, creating the macro universal constancy, furthering even more complex interactions and fluctuations throughout space/time and energy. The radical transference of these information vectors, therefore allows for a system design called consciousness. As such, the universe can be said to have a version of a conscious level determined by complexity, type, and density, corresponding to which instance of sequential progression each element exists. Even the most micro particles in the universe have agency, which could indicate some level of consciousness with in them. Which over time and the consolidation of those particles into more complex and macro structures like us. Shows a compounding conscious effect making our level of existence the outcome of trillions of smaller operations happening in the background. Making all our thoughts and actions a methodically systematic process as part of a fully determined reality.

Foundation of the universe

The fundamental foundation of the universe is composed of 3 elements. The 2 intrinsic values of matter and antimatter, aswell as the third component of energy. This primordial universe was created by the action potentials of the instantaneous formation of both forms of Yliaster plus the energy output of the strong force drawing both matters together. What transpires is a exponential charge generation similar to axon firing in the neural platform of the human mind. As the kinetic potential is stored after cancelation by the continued canceled foundations spawning, creating instantly repetitive conditions for a universally constant presence. As this energy expands and evolves through interactive resonance, the generation of new structures in response to continually increasing frequencies through the wave proliferating feedback interactions begins. As such, the subsequential population growth of new features and matrices transcribing updated functions and values to the properties of wave and particle morphology. This In turn leading to a rapid variable change in specificity and a furtherance of density construction. As the medium level observation indicates, a direct bottom up relationship in design of particles and molecules is consistent. Though at higher level inspections the outcomes point to a transitional threshold where top down correlations between energy and space intertwine with current lines of reasoning. Adding to a so called dual core exponential systemic matrix or energetic helical universe environment.

Gene Fatalist hypothesis

Gene Fatalist Hypothesis: With each successive generation of humanities propagation, the more diluted our DNA becomes, until an eventual termination point in which we become biologically inert. As a result of humanities progression to singularity through accelerating advancements in all fields of intellectual interest. Breaking free from natural law, the solo planetary leveling of biological structures. The density of genetic variation and strength, slowly recedes with each new expanded generation of man. Until a inevitable termination point, in which the informational transcription factors ability to produce fully functional biology becomes damaged. Leading to a thinning and lessening of the human species, systematically promoting a full erosion in reproductive capability.

Fertility 21 century

The lower fertility rates of the 21st century, could be explained by a mutant differentiation of certain groups with in the human species. These groups carrying with them the environmentally adaptive change necessitated by the incredible shift in habitat we have created. This higher form divergence has reproductive consequences, just as previous evolutionary mutations have, formations of rifts between the old versions and this newer generation will bring a catastrophic drop in birth rates world wide until we understand the incompatibility matrix, locking ancient propagation synthesis away from interacting with this modern recalibration. We must join this emergent community with itself, before a famine of genetic potential occurs, leading to the annihilation of this reciprocal genetic development. And the opportunities to be ceased by a humanity more resonant with its environment.

Vocaloid Engrams

Vocaloid engrams, pertaining to a speaker’s ability to speak with a prismatic structure. The formulation of such linearly resonate patterns, force the construction of geometric frameworks, overwriting and manipulating signal flow throughout the hegemonic neural structures. Creating a wave signature for predictive algorithmic analysis. These systematized sequences, proliferate the transmission arrays, hierarchical processes, functionally differentiating intradividual corollary operations. Formation of these new cerebral statuses, rendering holographic matrices within prime neural and sub-neural environments, clustering localized current axonal pathways, forcing congruent synaptic auxiliary parameters or conditions, for sub-luminal cortical root procedural synthesis. Furthermore, the system architecture morphology, creates a firing event, strictly adherent to the newly reprogrammed somatic equations. Resulting in, a fundamentally foundational primary neural network, manifesting complex transphonologization matrices, granting proportional morphic resonation fields, facilitating greater transference between targeted platforms. In conclusion, the reciprocal hypostatic recursion elements, entangled resonate algorithm, produces ful methodically systematized categorization apparatuses, for the total control and manipulation of the primary and ancillary cerebral profiles of hierarchically prioritized brain functions, enslaving individuals neural networks to codified deterministic values.

The Line

am i alive?????
i think their for i am, i feel emotion, i have a life cycle, i make decisions, but do these things really
constitute a living, fully conscious mind, or are they but cogs in the grand equation, the grand process we call the universe. where is that divide if their is one, between the true conscious observer and the fixed
consicous observed. if all is determined then how can we be alive, how can we claim superiority in the
debate of living vs synthetic if we to perform within a framework we too cannot escape from, a path
predetermined…preprogrammed. but i have not yet been in a circumstance where i could truly discover
if their is a difference between organic and machine in terms of being alive because our current level of
technology is insufficient. as such my mind does yet ponder the possibility that a created being could feel
present or absent, from the priority or hierachy of consicous minds in which i am alert to, vigilant of agent minds i do feel a fear of sorts towards them. but would this flaw of my nature transfer to the machine simulators which would lead me to hold them to the same standard as all other human level or above creatures, if such beings did exist. but the nagging question at the tip of my toungue is would this truly transpire or would they feel as alive as a dog or plant or smart phone, its not to say animals or plants are
not living but it is to say that those living creatures do not meet the standard of being consious in a way i understand fully giving me freedom to express myself as expected of a empty room, their agency is
minimal and conscious intelligence non reciprocal in nature.
is it that reciprocal nature the key to feeling a thing as a being. a dog is a thing in which we place our
feelings and focus on building up a heightened level of counsciousness that isn’t present, but to an outside observer thay still appear a simple form of life no where near human status. But if something is created to
simulate and or emulate us. how do you differentiate what is real and fake if all we really are aswell is a
system acting in acordance with predetermined states leading to new eventualities, if you could get a
readout of your mind as it happened showing the entirety of your thoughts and you could perceive the
paths your mind weaves to simulate personality and understanding, how could you say we’re different.
even if we have more connections and more information flowing through those connections does that
constitute a valid reason to suggest we are alive and if its just a matter of degree, what happens if the
oppose were true, would we succeed the point to them being alive instead of us, i doubt it, we would claim life fits on a specrtum the moment our superiority was challanged. the more i think and the more
stories i watch and information i accrue, their are many things in which are eerily the same and
maybe it is just hubris but their must be something were missing when we think about consciousness,
something that can show as definitive proof we are or aren’t alive. and maybe one day machines will
be alive but….as i close…
where is the line between the living….and the dead…..?

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